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Gothic Artworks as Print on Demand on Canvas

We are excited to announce a new addition to our webshop Everything Pixel: You can now order our unique Gothic artworks as high-quality canvas prints! Discover the benefits and features of our new canvas prints that will transform your home into a stylish gallery.

Benefits of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints offer numerous advantages, making them a popular choice for wall decoration:

  1. High-Quality Aesthetics: Canvas prints give artworks a special depth and texture that can't be achieved with regular posters. The matte finish of the canvas prevents glare, ensuring an impressive look.

  2. Durability: Our canvases are made from durable materials and stretched over pinewood frames. This ensures that your artworks retain their beauty for years to come.

  3. Versatility: With different sizes available, you'll find the perfect canvas for every room and decor style. Whether you need small accents or large statement pieces, we have you covered.

  4. Easy Hanging: Each canvas comes with a convenient wall mount. Rubber pads on the back prevent damage to your walls and ensure a secure hold.

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Product Details

Our slim and elegant canvases are perfect for modern and classic interiors alike. Here are some specific features that set our canvases apart:

  • Thickness: 19.05 mm (0.75″)
  • Canvas Fabric Weight: 344 g/m² +/- 25g/m² (10.15 +/- 0.74 oz/yd²)
  • Includes Wall Mounts: Each canvas is ready to hang.
  • Rubber Pads: These pads on the back protect your wall from scratches and wear.
  • Slimmer than Regular Canvases: This special feature ensures a sleek profile that fits perfectly into any room design.

Why Gothic Artworks on Canvas?

Our Gothic artworks are already popular as prints and posters. The new canvas print, however, adds an extra dimension to your home. The intense colors and detailed craftsmanship look especially striking on canvas, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Visit today and discover our new product category. Be captivated by the variety and quality of our Gothic artworks on canvas and bring a piece of extraordinary art into your home.

Take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of canvas prints. Get inspired and turn your walls into masterpieces!

Visit us and experience the fascination of Gothic art in a whole new way!

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