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Baby shower from the host's point of view

Baby shower or Babyshower - What is it?


A baby shower or babyshower is an event held to celebrate pregnancy and the soon-to-be-born baby. The tradition originates from the USA, but has now also established itself in other countries and cultures. The baby shower/babyshower is usually organised by friends or relatives of the parents-to-be and is an opportunity to welcome the baby and share the anticipation of its arrival.

Baby Party

When and where will the event take place?

The best time for the baby shower/babyshower is usually about 4-8 weeks before the due date. This gives the parents-to-be enough time to sort out the gifts and prepare for the baby's arrival. The event can be held at the expectant mother's home or at another venue, whichever suits best. If the guest list is large, a rented event centre can also be a good option.

What should the host prepare?

As the host, you should take care of the invitations, decorations, food and drinks, and games and activities. Here are some tips:

Invitations: Send out the invitations about 4-6 weeks before the event. Specify when and where the baby shower/babyshower will take place, who is invited and whether the guests should bring something (e.g. a baby gift).

Invite the guests to the baby shower/babyshower.

For your invitation, you can find Everything Pixel various clipart , which you can use to creatively make unique invitations yourself.

Decorations: You can use typical baby colours such as pink, blue, yellow or green to create a festive atmosphere. There is no limit to your creativity here. Use balloons, garlands, banners and other decorations to accentuate the theme.

Food and drinks: Serve small bites and finger foods that are easy to eat. Sweets and cakes should not be missing either. Make sure that non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Games and activities: Offer games and activities to lighten the mood and entertain the guests. Here are some ideas:

  • Announce the baby's gender: If the parents-to-be have not yet revealed the baby's gender, the baby shower/babyshower can be a good opportunity to announce it. One popular method is to bake a cake or cupcake and colour the inside pink or blue.

  • Naming: Ask guests to make suggestions for the baby's name. The parents-to-be can then choose the name they like best from the suggestions.

  • Diaper changing competition: Provide a doll and some nappies and challenge guests to compete in teams to see who can change a nappy the quickest and best.


At a baby shower/babyshower, gifts are usually presented for the baby and the parents-to-be. Popular gifts include baby clothes, nappies, toys, books, care products or vouchers for baby shops. When choosing a gift, remember that it should be useful for the parents-to-be and the baby. Also consider whether the parents already have certain wants or needs that you can fulfil.

Here are some tips for gifts that are particularly suitable:

  • A children/baby - bedding 

  • a cuddly toy.

  • A memory book: in which the parents-to-be can record important milestones and memories.

  • A voucher for a baby massage or a baby swimming course.

  • A nappy cake: consisting of lots of nappies and useful baby items.

  • A heat light: to create a calming atmosphere in the baby's room.


A baby shower/babyshower is a lovely occasion to celebrate pregnancy and the soon to be baby. As hosts, you should take care of the invitations, decorations, food and drinks as well as games and activities. It is important that the party has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere where all guests feel comfortable. Games and activities can help to lighten the mood and share the anticipation of the baby. Popular gifts include baby clothes, nappies, toys, books or care products. Remember that the gift should be useful and based on the needs of the parents and the baby. We hope you have fun planning and hosting your baby shower/babyshower!

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