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Ostara: A Journey through Spring Mythology

Spring is a time of awakening, renewal, and growth. Amidst this vibrant season, there is a fascinating figure of Germanic mythology closely associated with spring - Ostara. In this post, we'll take a look at the mythology of Ostara, her origins, significance, and her connection to modern spring festivals.

Origins of Ostara

Ostara, also known as Eostre or Ostera, is a Germanic goddess associated with spring and the dawn. Her origins date back to Germanic mythology, where she was revered as a goddess of fertility and growth. Her name likely derives from the Old High German word "Ostara," meaning "dawn," and is closely related to the word "Easter."

Goddess Ostara

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Symbolism and Meaning

The symbolism of Ostara is rich and multifaceted. She is often associated with the hare and the egg, symbols of fertility and new beginnings. The egg, especially painted and decorated, represents the new life awakening in spring. The hare, an animal known for its high reproductive rate, symbolizes fertility and growth.

Gothic Celtic Rebirth Egg

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Customs and Celebrations

Traditional customs and rituals associated with Ostara range from spring festivals and fertility rites to eggs and hares as symbols of renewal. The Easter fire, lit in some regions, symbolizes light and warmth, dispelling the darkness of winter. Painting and decorating eggs is an ancient tradition celebrating the transition from winter to spring.

Connection to Easter

The connection of Ostara to Easter is unmistakable. Many customs and symbols associated with Ostara have been integrated into the Christian Easter celebration. The Christian tradition of Easter Sunday often coincides with the spring full moon, another indication of Easter's original significance as a fertility festival.


The figure of Ostara offers us a fascinating opportunity to explore the deep roots and rich symbolism of spring. As we see the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, we can remember Ostara and celebrate the time of growth and renewal.

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