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Capturing the Magic of Winter in Pictures: Explore Our Collection

Dear Winter Enthusiasts,

Winter is a season that fills hearts with a special kind of magic. It's a time when nature drapes itself in a shimmering blanket of snow, days grow shorter, and evenings become cozier. It's the season for warm drinks by the fireside, leisurely walks through snow-covered landscapes, and moments of tranquility and contemplation.

For many, winter is more than just a season—it's a time for reflection, togetherness, and celebration. It's a time for coming closer together, whether through festive gatherings, building snowmen in the yard, or sharing stories by a warm fireplace.

At Everything Pixel, we believe that art and imagery have the power to capture this unique winter atmosphere and bring it to life in the form of pictures. Our winter collection reflects the various facets of this season, inviting you to experience the magic of winter through our artists' lenses.

The Everything Pixels Team are nestled in the heart of southern Austria, surrounded by majestic Alps, we reside in a realm where winter holds profound significance. Here, where mountain peaks kiss the sky and valleys disappear beneath shimmering blankets of snow, winter transcends being just a season – it becomes a poetic masterpiece.

The gentle hills and glistening forests that envelop our home carry the tales of past winters in their snow-laden paths. Each snowflake pirouetting upon tree boughs whispers stories of age-old traditions and nature's tranquil slumber.

In this idyllic southern Austrian landscape, winter arrives with a silent elegance and deep reverence for nature. It's a time for reflection, as the biting cold traverses the air and the sun casts its reflection on the white-capped peaks.

Here, where the crunch of snow beneath boots becomes a song of silence and the crisp air rejuvenates the spirit, we comprehend the true beauty and tranquility winter bestows. The winter months are not merely a passage of time for us; they embody reverence for nature and appreciation for the warmth found in the cold moments of togetherness.

This profound connection with winter in southern Austria resonates in our collection. Each image we offer pays homage to the beauty and magic surrounding us, an attempt to embed this irresistible allure of winter into every household.

Within our collection, you'll find artworks showcasing the diversity of winter: 

Immerse yourself in our Modern collection and discover:

  1. Muted Winter Landscape: An enchanting three-piece seasonal triptych painting. Its gentle colors capture the delicacy of winter, offering a romantic adornment for your home.

    Muted Winter Wonderland

  2. Pink Winter Wonderland: A seasonal watercolor painting in muted tones. Indulge in the tender romance of winter with portraying a woman strolling through a soft pink wonderland.

Pink Winter Wonderland

Immerse yourself in our Vintage collection and discover:

Our vintage collection transports you to a nostalgic winter world with images such as:

  1. "Let's raise the Moon": A vintage winter landscape depicting an enchanting features two children in a snowy landscape, gleefully raising a balloon that mirrors the moon.
    Lets raise the moon

  2. Children Building Snowman: Another piece from our vintage collection. This heartwarming painting captures the joy of childhood as two children build a snowman in a snowy landscape.

    Children building a snowman

  3. Santa with Companion: This painting depicts Santa Claus and his reindeer in an intimate snowy landscape, a charming scene that adds warmth to your farmhouse decor.
    Santa with Reindeer

Visit our online store at to explore more from our winter collection and capture the magic of winter in your home. Let our images enchant you and experience winter in a truly special way.

We look forward to accompanying you on this wintry journey.

Warm regards, The Everything Pixel Team

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